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Firuse's Adobe Home For Sale 2020

25 Sierra Roja Circle Sedona AZ 86351
Reduced $50,000

Here you can find the tranquility and peacefulness we all desire plus absolutely spectacular views of Cathedral Rock. We are surrounded by the US Forest Service lands of House and Cathedral mountains with their popular hiking trails and scenic vistas. This adobe home was built with loving care on a gently sloping 2.35 acre lot located on a quiet cul-de-sac in Little Park just outside the Village of Oak Creek. The Great Room, has soaring ceilings with massive vigas topped with hand-peeled latillas and large windows showcasing the enchanting view of Cathedral Rock. The kitchen and dining rooms share the soaring ceilings of the living room and adjoin a patio with roses and fig trees.

On May 10, 1869 the completion of the country's first transcontinental railroad was finished when the golden spike was driven at Promontory Point, Utah. By the early 1900s the Promontory Line had developed into the chief bottleneck of the whole transcontinental line. The Lucin cutoff was proposed as a solution in 1904 and the twelve mile long wooden railroad trestle was built across the Great Salt Lake as part of the 103 mile cutoff. It was replaced in 1959 with a rock and dirt causeway as it is today. The trestle had limited use until 1975 and was dismantled during the early 1990s. The Douglas fir pilings and stringers as well as the redwood decking was salvaged during the late 1990s while we were building our home. We decided to make use of this beautiful redwood in creating our hand built cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms and bedroom. All of these cabinets are constructed using the redwood deck planks salvaged from the Great Salt Lake trestle and thus are likely more than 100 years old.

Our adobe home contains some 500 tons of adobe bricks, mortar, concrete and tiles which makes for quite a bit of thermal mass which we use to ameliorate our summer temperatures. During the summer months I regularly open the windows when we retire to take advantage of the cool nighttime temperatures. The next morning I close all the windows and, since the house has cooled during the night, we seldom need air conditioning before 1-2 PM. If needed I turn on the evaporative cooler in the studio and open the kitchen door and a window in the front bedroom. This provides cool, humidified air to move throughout the house.

Seven skylights bring extra light into the studio, master bedroom, bathrooms and hallway.

All of the windows are by Marvin with two panes of glass with Low E coatings and insulated with argon gas. Up until 2019 all of the exterior wooden windows, doors and lintels were coated with Tung-linseed oil each Spring.

All of our doors were created by our cabinet maker of pine and cedar. After our home was stuccoed in 2019 the windows, exterior doors and lintels were sanded, primed and painted and the weather stripping replaced.

Thirteen foot ceilings with viga beams and latillas provide space in the living room, dining room and kitchen.

The ceilings in the rest of the house are made of tongue and groove 'Cactus Pine'. Those in the bedrooms, bathrooms and hallway are eleven feet and in the studio nine feet high.

Paw prints can be found on the several of the Saltillo terra cotta Mexican tiles which cover the floor.

The bathrooms have double sinks and exhaust fans and each has its unique, sunken bathtub tiled with Firuse's hand made ceramic tiles.

The 26'x26' studio has plenty of space for art work with light from two skylights and natural daylight fluorescents. Heating is by a gas wall furnace and cooling by evaporative cooler installed in 2019.

We have a fire in the fireplace most nights from October until April during which we burn about 2 cords of shaggy bark Juniper. We have a wood pile of about two cords and plenty of kindling.

A solar panel on the roof of the studio provides virtually all of our hot water.

Internet service is via Hughes satellite (HughesNet Gen4 Ultra) 10 MBS 15 GB monthly usage; $101.65/month.

Our home telephone is provided by Verizon Homephone for $23/month.

Our water is provided by Little Park Water and the cost during 2019 was $787.26.

The electric bill comes from APS and during 2018 the total was $770.00 and in 2019 it was 899.28.

Our heat is provided by a Ruud hot air furnace using propane ($1.69/gallon via Yavapai Gas, 500 gallon tank). From 2018-19 the gas usage for heat, cooking and drying clothes was $3639.30 for the 2 years.

Patriot Disposal in Prescott collects our trash every Wednesday morning and charges us $50.25 every 3 months.

Almost all of our Cooling is by evaporative cooler. The central air conditioner is rarely used, generally only when we have a large party.

The central vacuum makes it easy to clean the home.

A home sprinkler system guards against fire and reduces our insurance bill.

All of the appliances were installed in 1997 except;
The dishwasher was replaced in 2015.
The central vacuum was replaced in 2016.
The evaporative cooler was replaced in 2019.
The ice maker in the refrigerator was replaced in 2015.
The igniters in the furnace, stove and oven were replaced in 2017.